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Essentials of Custom Photo Mats and Common Examples

By Maria Collins July 11, 2014 Business

custom photo matsMatting and frames are an essential part of presenting and preserving a piece of art. These are the major elements that ensure the art is properly dressed for display as well as keeping it look attractive and new for many years. Skilled custom photo mats cutting ensures that your art within the frame is enhanced. Custom mats come in different thicknesses to protect your artwork and enhance it. In order to achieve an amazing home environment, it is vital that a correct combination of photo mats and frames be chosen.

The Effects of Color Choice In Your Photo Mat Board

Color has an enormous effect or rather influence on the every aspect’s views in today’s world. The impact of color on walls, wardrobes, furnishings, letterheads and on different accessories is enormous. In general, color affects the mood of people or the general mood in the air, it signals the focal points of a given situation in addition to revealing a lot about your personality and who you are in general.

Thus, when battling with the choice of colors with respect to frames and custom photo mats, it is essential that color and texture be taken into great consideration for they have a lot to do with how your photo will be perceived.

A perfect artwork will have the right mixture of frame color and mat color to go with the colors of the picture as well as the intended message of the photo.

Common Picture Mat Sizes

Mats come in different sizes but the default size is 30 inches by 40 inches which can then be cut into the desired shapes of 8 x 10, 9 x 12, 11 x 14, 16 x 20, and 20 x 24 inches. Different styles of custom photo mats can be made depending on the user’s desires and they include:

Collage photo mats

Collage frames make it possible for a display of several favorite photos on a small space such that all can be viewed together on one piece/frame. In collage photo mats, one uses a standard picture frame but the mat has several multiple windows designed to show the multiple pictures in the collage. However, collage picture frames is different from collage photo mat in that in the collage picture frame, several frames are attached to each other while in the collage photo mat, several windows are created on a single standard frame.

Name Photo Mats/Photo Word Mats

These are made from colorful mat board and can spell out names, holiday cutouts and other words or name photo matsphrases. Photos are placed behind openings of predefined desired sizes so that the image is largely seen. Custom name mats allows one to personalize their mat.

Wedding Signature Photo Mats

Wedding signature photo mats presents users with a wonderful way to capture memories regarding special events in your lives like wedding days, birthdays, retirement, anniversaries and special events, with signatures of your friends and or guests. Wedding signature photo mats are framed beautifully and have a photo opening reserved for the bride and the bridegroom. These two openings or rather photos are surrounded by the wishes and expressions of guests and friends and or their signatures. The name of the couple and their date of wedding is written or printed elegantly and mounted under a photo of the two.

Pre-Cut Photo Mats

If you already have your own frames to use for your pictures, then a great thing to do is to go find some pre-cut photo mats. Rather than just place you photos inside of a frame and glass, if truly makes a difference to add the effect of a picture mat. The thing is, you are able to look for a different type of window opening rather than just a simple rectangle opening.

Show Your Appreciation to a Military Member Loved One Through a Military Shadow Box

By Maria Collins February 17, 2014 Business

shadow box ideasThinking about how much they have done for our country, our loved ones who were once a part of the military deserves our utmost thanks and appreciation. And one great way of showing this is by reminding them of their excellence during their service. So what better gift to give them than a military shadow box?

What is A Military Shadow Box?

Military shadow boxes display cases are a statement piece that is traditionally presented to members of the military once they retire. However, it can also be given to military members who are currently in the service. Anyone who wants to showcase what they have accomplished in their career and use it as an inspiration for their life can be given this item. In this shadow box, they can place their medals, awards they have acquired throughout their career and flags of both the country and the military service. If retired, they can include their final badge of rank.

What do They Look Like?

Having one of the most prominent military services in the world, it is no doubt that the United States specializes in the manufacturing of shadow boxes. They lead in the production of the best shadow boxes to date. Usually, these items are made of finely crafted wood with a glass screen and may vary in terms of size and color. Besides this, most boxes are lined with a velvet fabric to protect the stored items from damages. But there are a lot of manufacturers available that provide customer-personalized boxes. Here, the client can choose which type and color of wood to use, specify the dimensions, and provide other specifications to suit their unique wants and needs.

Why Do People Purchase It?

People purchase this treasured item not only as a display of military career or an attractive piece of shadow box display casesdecoration in the house but as a memorabilia—an item to remind military servicemen and women of all their years of service.

It’s the Perfect Gift!

Without a doubt, a Military Retirement Shadow box ideas are a perfect gift for our military serviceman and servicewomen. It is where they can proudly display their medals and flags as a reminder and appreciation of their military career. Regardless of which branch of military you or your loved ones had served, Navy, Army, Air force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, a shadow box is truly a gift that will be treasured.

You can buy a military shadow box both offline and online. The good thing is that they are abundant. If you can’t find a place that sells such item, you can always look over the Internet. Simply choose which of their boxes you want to purchase, enter some specific information that is asked of you, and you will have your shadow box delivered in your place. And by giving this to your loved ones who were once military members, we show them that we salute them for their dedication in service of the country, as well as support them for any of the hardships they have been through and losses they have had along the way.

Go here for more information about how you can get unique shadow box ideas.

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